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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Vase Theme Continued

Here is a sampling of vases that I found at Homesense (Homegoods in the States) last week in Halifax. There were vases of varying sizes, shapes, colours and textures. Some smooth, some sleek, some rough, some straight lined, some curvaceous, some with embellishments carved or painted, some heavy, some light, some opaque, some transparent. Some spoke of yesteryear, some of today. Some spoke of faraway lands. A schmorgusborg ( Spelling?) of vases, a feast for all tastes with one thing in common-their price point. Most cost between $15.00 and $20.00 including some over sized , solid, high end looking vases. Wish I needed a vase or two or three or...... Remember to think big when it comes to vases and to think outside the 'vase'.
You'll garner Rave Re:views. I'd love to help you place a vase. Next blog entry -another example of thinking outside the vase.

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