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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

To Paint Or Not To Paint- Please Advise

During a recent Home Staging consult the ' To Paint or Not To Paint" question came up. My client's family room fireplace is surrounded by solid oak shelving and cabinetry. The room is not overly bright and my thoughts were to paint all of the wood work white to brighten up the focal wall. As a stager I know that buyers are looking for bright airy living spaces but my clients have often been complimented on their oak cabinetry. Hence the dilemma.
In my newly chosen career I wear two hats; that of home stager and that of design/redesigner. Contrary to what many people think, staging is not decorating. As a stager I aim to prepare a property so that it appeals to the public in general. I arrange furnishings and choose paint colours that visually expand a space. As a decorator I aim to create an ambience that reflects the tastes and needs of one particular family. Hence the debate...'To paint or Not to paint'.

Home Stagers, 'What would your recommendation be?'
Buyers, what would you prefer in a home?
Home owners, what say you?

For every response I get during this first month of the new year I will donate $00.25 to....
Habitat For Humanity, a Charity of Choice For Canadian Staging Professionals. Hope you'll help me Reach My Goal of $100.00.

I'm happy to report that the clients hired me to do the final showcasing of their property. That will take place in early January after my recommendations have been carried out. Will they be painting the oak? You'll have to wait and see.

To learn more about the differences between home staging and decorating check out my website:

I'm off to NYC to spend New Year's with friends and to squeeze in a very short visit with my son and daughter-in-law who are heading back to London via New York, having 'Christmassed' in Rochester.
I probably won't be able to write again until after returning home on the 4th. Here's wishing you a happy and healthy New Year!!!


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