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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thinking Outside The Vase

Needed a garbage pail for the main bathroom in our condo. Unlike past decades, there is no shortage of high style garbage pails in this day and age but these well attired receptacles of waste can cost a pretty penny. So off I went to Homesense hoping to find an inexpensive stainless steel garbage can. No such luck... however while scouting the shelves a shimmer of silver caught my eye.
"Too tall to be a garbage can. Must be a vase, " I thought. The wheels started turning. "Think outside the box.... no, vase... no, box. NOOO..... vase!"
And that's what I did . I thought outside the vase and brought it home. Here it is, vase turned garbage pail. Stylish with its off centre opening, the wide lip hides any unsightly waste collecting within. An unexpected bonus! It fits the decor of our bathroom to a T and has earned many a Rave Re:view.

Design Tip: Consider vases and plant containers when searching for a garbage can. Remember taller is better than shorter. Think outside the vase. You'll garner Rave Re:views!
Design Tip : Besides their great prices, another reason I am a Homesense/Winners(Homegoods/T.J.Max) gal is the fact that they tend not to stock multiples of items. I have purchased many an interesting find (vase turned garbage pail included) that I know is not adorning every house in the neighbourhood and may in fact be the only one in Halifax. So head to Homesense or let me head there for you.

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