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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

From Pillow Case to Cushion Cover

Thanks to Encore Decor I was able to repurpose a downfilled pillow that no longer fit the palette in our condo. I was smitten by a pillow case with its soft cotton texture, its red patterning, its Asian inspiration and its border of camel ribbon embroidered with like coloured dragons. Not one for theme decorating , I am drawn to Asia decor and sprinkled it liberally in our eclectic living space.

While not a budget friendly find, it was affordable because I already owned a down filled pillow that was still alive and kicking in spite of the abuse it took through twenty years of family living. The deal was sealed when I found out that the cost to have Encore Decor make the pillow for me was only $10.00.

I loved the fabric so much that I had a second pillow made for our bedroom. From one quality pillow case, two sexy red pillows took form. With still enough fabric left over to make a third pillow cover, the purchase of a higher than average priced pillow case was more than worth it.
Two pillows for $ 45.00. Not bad after all!

Design Tip: To save money and the environment keep your worn out old pillows and breathe new life into them.

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