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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

1+1=1 (Picture Perfect)

When you hang artwork over a sofa, over a bed or on a large wall -be bold. Think BIG. BIG pictures make BIG statements in living spaces. Not that long ago, large pieces of artwork would have been out of reach to those of us with high end tastes and mid to low range budgets. Today, stores like Homesense (Homegoods), Winners(TJ Max), Homeoutfitters , Target, Walmart and Zellers have an assortment of wall art that is both attractive and affordable.

Sofas and beds are often better suited to rectangular rather than square shaped artwork. Large rectangular shaped pieces of art are not easy to come by. Don't despair! Simply remember the following formula: 1+1=1.
Purchase 2 same - sized, unframed, square shaped pictures and slide them together. Hence, one square picture plus one square picture equals one rectangular picture. Perfect for hanging over a bed or a sofa.

Often artwork comes in pairs. Pictures using the same colours, forms and lines are created in differing arrangements. In my client Paula's spare bedroom I slid together two such works of art. It was picture perfect.

In Homesense, an over sized painting with a fiery red poppy stopped me in my tracks. It was just what I was looking for to hang above the extra long sofa in Paula's main living space. Repeating my mantra '1+1=1' I searched frantically for a complimentary picture, to no avail.
Not one to give up, I purchased it and headed to the nearest Winners. As I approached the stacks of artwork, a picture, almost identical to the one I had just bought called out to me. I purchased it and headed straight to Paula's. Once again 1+1=1. Picture perfect!

Design Tip#1: Think BIG!
Design Tip #2: Sometimes, 2 squares are better than one.
Design Tip#3: Try two like pictures if a complimentary piece of artwork is not available.

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