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Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Pallette Of Pillows

Pillows have the ability to turn mediocre into magnificent. Like icing on a cake or jewels in a crown, they add punch, pizazz and panache to any room they dress. Light weight, portable and budget friendly they are the perfect accessory. They come in a kalidescope of shapes, sizes, colours, fabrics, textures and styles. They can be used to enhance a stylish sofa or hide one that's nondescript.
Given the choice, do 'down'. Unlike foam or fibre filled pillows, they are pliable and can tuck cozily into any sofa or chair arm. How often have you tried to do battle on a sofa with a stubborn albeit stylish, foam filled pillow? Fashion should not get in the way of function even when it comes to pillows. There was a time when down filled pillows were out of reach for the budget conscious, but thanks to Homesense (Homegoods) they can be purchased in the $20.00 range there.

Like pants worn too short, the wrong pillow can become an eyesore rather than an embellishment. As when choosing vases and art work, too big is better than too small. An over sized down filled pillow can be molded to fit a space. Pillows that are too small lose themselves. Pillows that are too stiff stand awkwardly. A single pillow perched on a sofa, looks sad, lonely and out of place.

Some designers go by the rule of 'odd over even'. They prefer to place accessories in 3's or 5's rather than in 2's or 4's. I go by what looks right to me. A perfect palette of 4 pillows can be more eye catching than 5 pillows that are the wrong size, colour, texture or pattern. For me it is the combination of pillows and not necessarily the number that creates a pleasing pallette. So when in doubt...give a shout. Send a picture with your present arrangement of pillows or your barren sofa, chair or bed.
Four can be boring but...... doesn't have to be!! Texture and colour can add pizzazz.

( I want to apologize for my weak picture taking skills. My photos do not do justice to what my eyes behold.There is a fourth pillow hiding behind the black and white pillow. If I go to replace it with another photo I think I then am unable to to use this picture elsewhere in my blog entries. I've come a long way Re: blog layout skills but I am not there yet. As to my photo taking capabilities, I'm working on them. Oh to have a wide angle camera! One of these days.)

Two pillows tucked into each corner of a sofa, one large one small, make a stronger statement than do solitary pillows so placed. Notice how the fibre filled blue and camel pillows stand straight and unbending.! Stubborn in their stiffness they can't cozy up to their down filled mate.
Same sofa different looks. What's your preference?

A bolster or rectangular shaped pillow flanked on either side by a duo of pillows can make an even stronger fashion statement. A new trend is to lay an elongated bolster or pillow on a sofa that stretches from one end to the other.

Just right!
Remember ....when placing your pillows create a pallette of varying colours, shapes, sizes and textures-a collage of sorts but don't over do it. You're sure to garner Rave Re:views!

In addition to the affordable, wide array of pillows sold at Winners ( T.J Max)/Homesense, Pier One Imports has an assortment of bold beautifully coloured pillows but they are higher priced. At Wicker Emporium the selection of pillow fabrics include Moroccan/ Indian, graphic and damask designs. Covers without pillows can be purchased for under $20.00.
I just learned about a site called CSN STORES .COM, on one of my Favourite Finds blog links, called Room Remix. Room Remix has a draw in which you can win $80.00 worth of products from CSN STORES.COM which is an online department store. Their assortment of pillows is extensive and they ship to Canada.

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