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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Photo Faux Pas- What Not To Do

I have a super new camera with an incredible wide angle lens that is a very user friendly 'point and shoot' camera. In my last entry, the 'Before' photos were taken with my dying camera which was incapable of capturing the true size of a room. The 'After' pictures, taken with my Panasonic Lumix ZS3, convey the spaciousness I aim to create when preparing a property for the real estate market. So no more excuses! Because of my impatience to photograph the finished product, the eye for detail with which I attack every project I undertake, is thrown by the wayside. No longer can I fault my camera when pictures are not what they could be. The fault is mine and mine alone!

So here are some 'What Not To Do's'......

Don't include yourself when photographing a room with a mirror.

Don't photograph electrical cords. Make sure they are hidden.
Don't take your picture until you are sure bedding is perfectly in place (pillows and bed skirt included).

Don't take an After picture from an angle that differs from your Before picture.

Don't include your client in the photos as I did on my first job.
Do look through the lens of the camera with the same critical eye you use when you carry out your initial consult. No more 'faux pas' from me!!!!! I always want to garner Rave Re:views!

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