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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Area Rugs Add Intimacy

For quite some time I have been on the hunt for a rug to add intimacy to the conversation area in our multipurpose living space.

However, because the space is small and the rugless natural birch flooring beneath the glass coffee table allows the accessories to take centre stage, finding the perfect rug proved to be a challenge. I love black and red and knew that either would work both with the furniture and colour scheme. I knew, too, that the accessories would fade from sight if black or red took to the stage. A patterned rug was out of the question because the pattern would do battle with the accessories.
A cow hide was my first choice, only lighter in colour than the one below that I used in a client's house. I love the way that a hide can be placed on the angle so as to soften the geometric layout of a conversation area and I like the fact that furniture can sit comfortably atop it but.....

my husband, who rarely gets a chance to voice his opinion on matters of decor, was adamant that he did not want a hide so .......a hide was out of the running.
I didn't want a 'low pile' nondescript rug . While neutral is lacklustre, it was the necessary backdrop to maintain the look of the room. Because most rugs, unlike cowhides, are linear in shape, a neutral low pile rectangular rug shouted out 'boring' and uninviting to me. I wanted something with more pizazz to soften the room and create a feel of intimacy. I happened upon this shaggy white carpet but......... it was too small.

I kept it anyways. At $49.00 I felt I had to keep it. Right now it roosts as a throw on our large 80's vintage, leather hide -a- bed.
Then, the other day, while perusing the new arrivals at HomeSense, ( Canada's HomeGoods) staring me straight in the eyes was the perfect rug.

Just $59.00, it fits the space like a glove and although neutral and linear, its thickly layered pile, soft and cozy, is already garnering Rave Re:views. ( the actual colour is richer, almost exactly the same shade as the darkest variation in the engineered hardwood, and not one bit the grey it appears to be in the photos).

Design Tip #1: Cozy up a conversation area with a rug.

Design Tip #2: Unless using a hide, atop which furniture can rest, a linear rug should be surrounded by a border of flooring. Not sure if your rug size is right? Send me a picture. I'll be happy to help you garner Rave Re:views!

Design Tip #3: If you are laying a rug beneath a glass topped table, ensure that the accessories and carpet create a harmony. Need help? Give me a shout.

Design Tip #4: Don't shy away from patterned rugs, even under glass topped tables. They add punch to a room. Beneath a solid surface coffee table, the accessory/ patterned rug conflict is not an issue.

Design Tip #5: Interesting rugs need not cost hundreds of dollars. A high end look can be created on a limited budget.


  1. What a great find, Joanne! I love this rug--and the price can't be beat.

    I am in area rug withdrawal at the moment since we put our beautiful wool rug that graced the family room floor in storage until our puppy is thoroughly trained. I miss it and the great leather ottoman that is packed away as well. Someday they will return and I will once again have an ideal design anchor for the room and a place to put my feet up!

  2. Don't despair. Your puppy is so smart. She will be trained (and playing piano) in no time. In our former home we had a large richly coloured Persian Tabriz rug in the living room, a Shiraz rug in the family room and a red wool Chinese rug in the dining room. Speaking from experience, once Willow is house broken the wonderful wool carpet and ottoman will be safe. It was hard to part with our beautiful rugs but their size and style didn't work with the feel I wanted to create in our condo. Perhaps thankfully so because Soho, although spry for her 14 years, has issues at night that would leave our rugs discoloured. I bunch up our new shag rug under the coffee table at night or when we go out.



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