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Friday, January 8, 2010

One Room - 4 Looks

Today was supposed to be 'paperwork' day but as you can see I was in 'mood board mode'.
I learned how to select an image of a 3D painted room while using Polyvore and in so doing conceived the idea for today's blog entry. I want to show you how a room painted with a particular color can take on many looks. Built around the indigo blue walls that I chose as my beginning point, I created 4 rooms each with a very different ambience. Notice how indigo changes its hue as different colours nestle up against it.


Blue and white always send warm chills up and down my spine.
Look #2

Indigo's attraction to orange it's complimentary colour, and the funky chair with it's Victorian era wooden legs was inspiration to this room's inception.
Look #3

The whimsical chair with its pops of red was the seed that bore the fruits of this room.

Look #4

The opulent floral chair and lamp both screamed out to me and hence the room evolved.

Any thoughts good or bad? I'd love to hear from you?
Why not give it a try and if you create a mood board rooted in indigo blue walls, e-mail it to me. I'll happily post it on my blog, giving you your due credit, of course. As a matter of fact, if you create a mood board based upon a colour of your choosing I'll happily post it as well. And if you have a room that you would like updated but are not a designaholic as am I, I'll custom tailor a mood board for you. I'd love to help you garner Rave Re:views. Just let me know me your preferred style and I'll be off and running.

Since yesterday when I introduced you to the world of Polyvore, I have honed my skills and know better how to use the program. For those of you designaholics who checked out the website and are now in mood board heaven, I want to clarify my last blog entry. I wrote that you can import pictures from online sites as well as from your own collection of photos. Still true. I then went on to say that I was unable to upload pictures from the Pier One Import site. Well today I discovered that there is no need to upload pictures from the Pier One Import catalogue because Polyvore provides you with some of Pier One's furnishings. Until today I thought that the only way to select pictures was to type a category such as 'pillows' or ' coffee tables' etc. But today I learned that if you click on the word 'site' which is located under the word 'price'....... a list of 100 stores in alphabetical order appears, one of which is Pier One Import.
I think I have finally mastered the program so if you are confused and need help just send me an email. While I learned how to use Polyvore by trial and error, it would have been nice to have someone help me along the way. Oh, and if I can learn how to use it, anyone can. It's really not that hard to figure out and once you know what you are doing it's a breeze to use.

Just one more tip. Type in the word "furniture" where it says ' all items' when you first begin. You probably noticed all of the clothing design boards. The program is deceptive. It appears to be just a clothing design site when in fact it too is a home furnishing site. Once you have typed in the word 'furniture', the stores that supply furniture and the like to the site are accessible. Having done this, you can now replace the word 'furniture' with the item you are searching for.
There is a place to click on labelled 'category' but when I did so , even after having typed in the word 'furniture' only categories of clothing appeared. Not to worry. Just type in your own category where it says 'search'. Have fun!

Well, I found my addiction and it is Polyvore. I keeping wanting more, more, more........Polyvore!!!

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