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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mood Board Mania- A Designaholic's Dream

If you are like me, a designaholic, you will have a lot of fun with a free internet site that I learned about recently. It's called Polyvore . With Polyvore you can create Design/Mood Boards at no cost. Interior decorators and designers use these pictorial collages to communicate their ideas to clients. Not only does Polyvore have a multitude of photos at your disposal but you can import pictures stored in your computer and many that you find online. I was able to import pictures of furnishings from some local stores although when I went to the Pier One Import catalogue I did not meet with success. This is a great tool for both the professional and the amateur. I've included a Design Board I created for a client's bedroom using the Polyvore images. Although my client's room will not have the actual furnishings that appear in the collage, the colour combinations and the mood we are working to achieve are communicated on the board. When the room is completed I'll share it with you. I've also included a board that elicits the mood of my condo's main living space.

So if you are a designaholic , register at, click on 'create' and design to your hearts content. You'll have fun and will be sure to garner Rave Re:views. Be careful though. It's addictive!


  1. Polyvore is one of the many sites I've halfheartedly checked out and thought, "I'll do something about that later". But I haven't. Thanks for the reminder, we'll see if I actually do anything about it!

    By the way, loving the first room. Very chic!

  2. Danica, it's addictive. I'm writing more about it tonight to make it easier for first time users. Not that I'm a pro. If you try it and get confused let me know and I'll do my best to help you out. Joanne



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