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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Waking Up A Tired Bathroom

I had a good day today helping one of my fellow stagers prepare an occupied property that is just about to be listed in Halifax. She asked me if I'd mind showcasing the bathrooms and I responded that I love doing bathrooms. As a matter of fact my daughter, an architect, has dubbed me the 'Bathroom Queen'. She is impressed with the way I transform nondescript bathrooms into spa like retreats without renovating or updating the existing space. I rely on my best friend 'paint' and the many accessories, pieces of wall art, towels and drapery panels turned shower curtains that I am amassing.

In the bathroom above , the stained counter top and chipped sink had to be replaced as did the faucet and taps. There is an alternative now available in Nova Scotia to replacing counter tops and chipped sinks and tubs. Check out the Enviromedic web site. Their process can be used to revive tired ceramic wall and floor tiles as well! Next time, to save labour costs and the mess of replacing sinks and counter tops, I'm going that route.

If you can't afford to renovate a tired bathroom, I'd love to help you wake it up and garner many a Rave Re:view. If you want to start from scratch I'd be more than happy to help you as well!

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