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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Drapery Panels Are Multi-Functional

In many of my staging projects I have removed dated or worn drapery panels from windows as well as those that are far too short in length. Windows look better bare than dressed poorly.

In addition to enhancing a room's decor or creating privacy from the outside world, drapery panels are multifunctional. Take a look at this bedroom that was closetless. I reused one of the rods from a window that was dressed with dated drapery panels that hung too high off the ground- placed it across an alcove and created a closet.

To hide the very large stacked washer/dryer which was housed in a shower stall turned appliance alcove in the main floor powder room of that same property, another set of drapery panels and a reclaimed rod were used. The solution not only softened the look of the room and hid both the unsightly appliances and wall tile that was at odds with the floor tile, but further was an inexpensive fix .

In the Atlantic provinces of Canada we are lucky to have a number of Wicker Emporium stores to provide us with high end looking drapery panels at low end pricing. The closet draperies were on sale for 10.00 a panel and the powder room drapes were 20.00 a panel.

Design Tip: Think outside the package when it comes to drapery panels. You'll be sure to garner a Rave Re:view.

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