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Monday, May 10, 2010

More Paint Pointers

I just Picked up the latest issue of Style At Home magazine and one of their articles is all about
'The Power of Paint". I feel like everyone will think that I latched on to their idea when truly the timing is coincidental !!

I want to share a few more photos that attest to the power of paint and how it highlights or hides a property's features.

The feel of this powder/laundry room was made more tranquil when the baseboards, the radiator and the transition into the appliance alcove ( once a shower) were painted the wall colour (Cable Knit by Benjamin Moore).

The master bedroom walls were originally mauve. I have no issue with mauve walls and if I was wearing my decorating hat and my clients loved mauve I would create the mauve room of their dreams. But this house was being staged and so out came the can of warm neutral paint ( Cable Knit) and once again paint's power can be seen. Doesn't it look like new wider trim was added to the window frame. Not so! Same trim , same window -new look achieved with a coat of Benjamin Moore's Simply White.

Painting the nondescript basic wooden doors white creates a soothing, cleaner, richer, fresher, new look for the master bedroom.

While I am a fan of rusty red and have left strong coloured accent walls untouched when staging a property, because this room was not going to be furnished, I knew that a calming neutral pallet would be more to the liking of potential buyers than would an in your face red wall that had no furnishings to tame its bold colour. And once again, notice how the painted doors create a look that is more high end than the look that would have greeted buyers had the doors been left in their original state.

Design tip: Paint is a Home Stager's best friend. It can be yours too but if the task of selecting the correct colour is too daunting, please, send me a photo. I'd love to help you garner many a

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