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Friday, May 7, 2010

Paint-A Home Stager's Best Friend

Paint -as I wrote in my last blog entry-has the power to camouflage or embelish. Paint is a Home Stager's best friend. It can transform any room. Take a look at these before and after photos to see what I mean.

Compare the trim on the pre and post painted sliding glass door. See how the painted trim creates a frame around the doors that makes more of a statement. There are those who believe that painting wood is sacreligious. Not I. My decision -to paint or not to paint wood- is dependent upon the look I want to achieve, the features I choose to highlight or hide and the condition of the wood. Look at how clean and refreshing the painted trim looks against the walls with their saturated camel colouring. The darker more saturated camel was chosen to help the kitchen cabinetry pop as well. The white used to paint both the kitchen cabinets and the trim throughout the house is Benjamin Moore's 'Simply White.' The camel colour used elsewhere in the house, a lighter shade, was selected to brighten up the sometimes dark living space.

Radiators- also touched upon in my last blog- can be a major eyesore. A Home Stager's best friend, PAINT, can provide a quick and easy fix. On the wall to the right of the sliding glass door, the radiator was camouflaged by painting it camel. White became the colour of choice as the L shaped radiator wound its way along the base of the breakfast bar. With the radiators blending into the walls, home buyers are better able to focus on the positive features this house has to offer.

Take a look at the white door in the picture above. It's height and whiteness are what attract the eyes' of viewers who as a result hardly notice the unit of cabinets adjacent to it. See how the cabinets become more of a focal point once the door, painted camel, blends in with the walls.

By painting the wooden coat rack/shelf the same colour as the walls, it too fades into the background and allows the cabinets to take centre stage.

When you look at the powder room transformation below, you can see why paint IS one of a Home Stager's best friends!

Design Tip: Think before you paint. Ask yourself what it is you want to highlight in a space and what is it you choose to hide? Not sure? Send me a photo. I'll be happy to help you garner

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