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Friday, February 5, 2010

Say Good-bye To Unsightly Plastic Electrical Covers

In one of my first blogs I despaired over the placement of light switches and plug receptacles by contractors, and shared how I hid a receptacle with a votive holder turned vase.
Just wanted to share how I camouflaged four more, necessary but unsightly, electrical covers.

In our bathroom we have a wall heater that stares you in the face as you enter. The perfect cure.....

a light weight, black laquered, $25.00, (yes I did say $25.00) bamboo vase from HomeSense
( Canada's HomeGoods). A perfect fit and the perfect foil, it makes a bold statement in our master bathroom.

The wall on which our floating kitchen shelf hangs is just shy of 5 feet in length. That one wall plays host to a light switch and 2 plug receptacles.

Since one receptacle meets our needs and because the 3 misaligned plastic electrical plates are an eyesore, I hid 2 of them behind pieces of original art. The switch is masked by the painting on the left. We simply slide our hands behind the light weight frameless stretched canvass to turn on the pendant lights. The second receptacle, which we don't use, hides behind a prized painting my now 28 year old architect daughter created when she was nine. A simple fix!

Design Tip: Think vases and wall art and plants and baskets to mask unsightly electrical covers.

You'll be sure to garner Rave Re:views!

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