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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

From House To Home

Some houses present themselves as 'houses' and not as homes. Such was the case with the house that I staged last week because it was used as a student rental property rather than as a home for the owner who lives out of country.

Houses are purchased when they invoke feelings of warmth and belonging. This vintage house, located at 2114 Windsor Street in Halifax Nova Scotia, with good sized rooms and architectural features that faded into the clutter and coldness of the space would not have enticed buyers looking for a nest of their own. The owners who had already begun the process of cleaning and repairing and painting their student rental property before contacting me, still had the foresight to call a professionally trained home stager to help them give their property an edge over the competition and to turn their 'house into a home'.

Unable to enter through the front vestibule which was blocked by a huge blue sofa and a giant sized TV, prospective buyers' first impression would have been the back mud/laundry room. Not a way to wow viewers! The extra large entry foyer with its cozy bay window alcove was masked by the over sized living room furniture that read crowded college dorm rather than I want to curl up with a good book and sip my morning tea.

Staging can turn a 'house into a home'.

The hallway made narrower by coats hanging on the wall will enable buyers to 'sale' right down now.

Staging can turn ' house into a home'.

Cluttered and lacking character

Now warm and welcoming

Staging can turn a ' house into a home'.

Open shelving full of food makes buyers feel a kitchen lacks storage space.

Staging can turn a 'house into a home'.

A fireplace in the kitchen-lost amidst the chaos

now beckons buyers.
Staging can turn a ' house into a home'.

Overcrowded with furniture

and a queen sized bed
and darkened by heavy drapery, prospective buyers would not have been able to envision this room's potential. BRIGHT, AIRY, SPACIOUS ROOMS WITH ARCHITECTURAL DETAILING-features that buyers seek out -went unnoticed before the house was staged.

Removing the drapes not only allowed the sunlight to pour in but exposed the once hidden bay windows.

The main floor living space was expanded when the bed was replaced with a sleek futon couch and a family room was created .

A fresh coat of white paint brightened the room and made it feel more spacious.

Staging can turn a 'house into a home'.

With a little editing

And with the addition of some BLING- the upstairs bathroom was transformed.

This house boasts a main floor bathroom- in vintage homes a rare find.

Now sparkling white and newly dressed - it was reborn.

Rave Re:view Home Staging & Redesign can turn any 'house into a home' .

Two days after this property was staged the owners received a conditional offer! Prospective buyers are still welcome to view it by contacting the owner.

You can count on Rave Re:view in Halifax Nova Scotia when you hire us to prepare your property for the real estate market or to help you create a living space that meets your design tastes and lifestyle needs.


  1. Joanne, certainly made a difference to this house, and in fact did transform it into a home. For over 8 years this house had been used as a shelter for students, who would come and go with the school years. After deciding to sell, I knew that staging would make a huge difference.
    Joanne answered the phone with a warm voice and a "can do" attitude. I was there for a short time to help prepare the house for sale, and Joanne was ready, willing and able to work with our rushed schedule.
    Through the stops and starts of the project she kept her professional attitude, and changed plans with us through at one deal gone bad. Now, since it is so pleasant... maybe I won't sell. How much was that furniture rental anyway?

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  3. Long time reader, first time poster ----- keep up these nice posts!



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