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Friday, March 5, 2010

Mirrors Are A Reflection Of The World We Live In

I recently read a highly informative posting about the placement of mirrors, written a few years back by one of my Canadian Staging Professional course instructors. Because mirrors reflect the world in which we live, I have always taken into account the reflection produced by mirrors I hang throughout our living space. I have a love affair with interesting looking mirrors and try to incorporate them everywhere. Stylish mirrors can be an inexpensive form of artwork as long as the reflection they produce is pleasing to the eye. That is the essence of the article written by Jackson. If only my pictures looked as professional as do his!!!!

You can't really see the reflection in the mirrors below. I'm sharing them because I love them. I love their uniqueness. I love the fact that each frame has the same brown/black colouring but that each has its own design. I love the fact that the mirror on each frame is a different geometric shape. Maybe I'm drawn to them because I'm a 'rewired' elementary school teacher. Oh! And I love their price-$16.00 each at Winners/ HomeSense. Originally I purchased two but a few days later, the set was made complete when a third called out to me as I wandered the aisles at another Winners' location.

On another note...... I am in heaven! I met a lovely family of 4 who met me through my blog and have hired me for a redesign project. The bright, articulate, song writer to be 13 year old female member of the household and I are working together to create a living space that will meet her needs and tastes.

Wall colour choice-grey. Furniture colours- white and espresso or black. Accent colour-lime green. The room already contains the coolest, vintage- look green patterned swivel chair you can imagine. Should be done by the end of the month since March break is upon us. There will be at least one cool mirror in the room. You can count on that!
Oh and the young lady's name happens to be the same as my daughter's nickname.
Must be -meant to be!!!

Do you want to garner Rave Re:views?

Design Tip : Consider a mirror's reflection before you position it on a wall.
Not sure how high to hang it? Send me a photo. I'll be happy to help you out.

Here's the link to Jackson's posting on Active Rain called Reflecting On Home Staging.

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