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Thursday, November 26, 2009

From Folding Screen to Hanging Headboard

When we downsized, our master bedroom shrank substantially. In spite of the fact that our previous bedroom was much more spacious, we decided to 'go for it' and purchase a king sized bed. The beautiful made in France Grange queen sized sleigh bed that we owned, along with its matching armoire, would not fit into our very narrow new master suite. As a result, we were in the market for a headboard. Our king sized bed protruded into a space that was barely 10 feet in length. With very limited walking room between the end of the bed and our wall mounted TV, the headboard could be no more than an inch or 2 in depth and a footboard, well that was out of the question.
My first thought was a flat woven bamboo headboard. While our previous bedroom was sophisticated and formal, I was now looking to create a more casual space. On my shopping forays, some headboards beckoned to me but none enticied me to take them home.
After a few days of searching, I returned home forlorn. Upon entering our disheveled new condo, its chaotic state a result of our recent move, my eyes were drawn to a wooden screen. For 15 years it stood sentry in the corner of our living room. Another piece of furniture purchased at Wicker Emporium all those years ago, for which I had no sentimental attachment, I just couldn't part with it. Made of rich dark wood, I loved the leather look and its soldier straight lines softened by carvings. I could tell that the screen was too narrow to use as a headboard for a king sized bed when left in a standing position. Not one to give up when a decorating idea germinates within me, especially when it involves 'flipping', I ran to get my tape measure. The height of the screen was almost exactly the same as the width of our bed. I was ecstatic! All that was needed to reinvent the screen as a headboard was a sideways flip and some nails to secure it to the wall. And so Voila, a wooden screen found its calling as a headboard that is functional, original, aesthetically pleasing and the recipient of Rave Re:views.

Design Tip #1: Screens make great headboards. Search out second hand stores, garage sales and flea markets for inexpensive finds. Wicker Emporium, Pier One Import and Jysk all carry screens that could function as headboards that are current but not costly.

Design Tip#2: View items every which way before disposing of accessories, furniture, artwork and the like. The differing perspectives may lead you to new and creative ways to reinvent your furnishings. Want some advice? Send me a question or a photo. I'd be happy to help you save money and earn Rave Re:views.

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